Whether you're moving to a new location or have a big project coming up at work that requires a lot of equipment, you may need a more muscular vehicle that can support a lot of weight and has more room.

That's where a cargo van comes in! These vehicles are designed for this exact purpose and have the dimensions and the strength to fit and carry your items across many miles. At Autorent, we offer cargo van rentals near West Chester, Pennsylvania, so that local drivers and even those just visiting can find the vehicle they need.

Our Cargo Van Rental Inventory

When you're searching for a cargo van, you want something that has the strength to sufficiently get the job done. In our inventory, you'll find options like the Ford Transit to help you with these tasks.

The Ford Transit comes in various configurations that will offer different amounts of cargo space and payload. In a regular length van with a low roof, you can make use of the following dimensions:

  • Height: 56.9 inches
  • Length: 126 inches
  • Width: 54.8 inches

A regular length van with a medium roof will bump that height up to 72 inches for even more vertical space. You can expand those dimensions with a long van that has a high roof. This option can provide up to 143.7 inches in length and 81.5 inches in height, while maintaining the same 54.8 inches of width.

In terms of cargo volume, the smallest option of a regular van with low roof will secure you an impressive 280.9 cubic feet. The longest van with the highest roof can fit up to 536.4 cubic feet of space. You'll therefore be able to find the right configuration that works for your needs at the time.

How To Rent a Cargo Van

As you prepare to rent a cargo van from us, you may wonder where you can submit your request. You can call us to reserve your rental, or you're also able to use the request form found on our website.

Before placing your rental reservation, you do want to be aware of our rental requirements. Prospective renters must have a valid driver's license, a major credit card, and be at least 21 years old. If those requirements have been satisfied, you're welcome to contact us or use the form.

On our form, we'll ask for some contact information, so that we can get in touch about more details regarding your rental. You can also select which of our five locations you'd prefer to pick it up from.

Then, you can indicate that you specifically want a cargo van, and can let us know what date you need it by and when you plan to return it to us.

Reasons to Rent a Cargo Van

As we mentioned in our introduction, you may need this cargo van as you prepare to move to a new home or even to a new office location if you're a business owner. You want to provide enough space for your items so that they arrive safely.

A larger interior also allows you to organize each item more efficiently. Once you arrive at your next place, you'll easily be able to unload each item and place them in their new home.

Cargo vans are also useful for those who work in different industries that require lots of tools and heavy equipment. Now, you'll be able to move this gear easily from place to place.

Find a Cargo Van Rental near West Chester PA Today!

If you drive through West Chester, PA, and anticipate needing a cargo van rental, you can contact us here at Autorent. We'd be happy to provide you with a cargo van from our inventory to assist with all your heavy-duty tasks!

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