When you're considering rental car insurance, there are a couple different options, including collision damage coverage. Collision damage coverage can help you in the event of an accident in your rental.

Autorent explains how collision damage coverage works on this page. We encourage drivers from Doylestown, Langhorne, Boyertown, and Langhorne, Pennsylvania, to give this page a read and reach out to us with any questions!

What Is Collision Damage Coverage?

Collision damage coverage, also known as a collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver, is insurance that covers repairs if you damage your rental car. This coverage only applies to the rental vehicle, not other people's property.

If you are interested in insurance options that cover injuries or other people's property, those insurance policies are called liability insurance and personal accident insurance.

What Does Collision Damage Coverage Cover?

As we mentioned, collision damage coverage covers most physical damage to a car, including a car's bodywork. In many cases, this damage is caused by accidents, although your coverage may include vandalism or a natural disaster. Be sure to check with the collision damage coverage being offered for what it covers specifically.

In addition to damage, this coverage generally covers towing and administrative fees for the rental company and lost revenue while the vehicle is serviced.

How Much Does Collision Damage Coverage Cost?

The cost of collision damage coverage can vary based on how much is covered, where you purchase the insurance, and other factors. You might pay about $10-$30 a day.

Typically, collision damage coverage breaks down to about 20%-40% of the base rental price. Your rental price will depend on the type of vehicle you rent. A luxury vehicle, for example, will cost more, influencing the coverage price.  

How Can I Get Collision Damage Coverage?

There are a few ways to acquire collision damage coverage. Your current auto insurance policy may offer this coverage already.

However, if you are someone who doesn't have a personal insurance policy or would like some additional protection, most rental places offer their own coverage. You can often purchase this insurance when choosing your rental car or at the counter when receiving your rental car's keys.

Check their rental policies if you intend to pay with a major credit card. Some credit card companies have their own coverage when you use their card to pay for your car rental.

Third-party rental insurance is also an option.

The best thing to do is research to ensure you are not duplicating insurance that you might already have.

Discuss Your Rental Car Insurance Options With Us

Are you considering collision damage coverage for your rental car? If you still have questions or want to begin the renting process, reach out to Autorent.

Our team is happy to assist drivers around Doylestown, Langhorne, Boyertown, and Langhorne, PA, in getting the rental coverage they need. You can reach us in two ways: through our website and by phone. Contact us to discuss your rental car insurance options today.

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